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Friday, August 19, 2022


Wicca / Wicca Exposed on Video 1 & 2

Wicca Basic Beliefs:

  • Believe in a supreme divine power known as "the One" or "the All".
  • "The All" is not separate from the universe, but part of it.
  • From "the All" came the god and goddess that is the focus of their worship.
  • The god and goddess are manifested in various forms in the universe.
  • Each person has divinity within.
  • There are different and valid paths to finding the truth about God, and each of them is acceptable as long as they don't hurt anyone.
  • They believe in multiple reincarnations and your reincarnations are determined by your karma.

Jesus in Wicca:

  • They deny that Jesus is the only way to heaven and that He is the key to salvation.
  • They teach that Jesus practiced and promoted different forms of mysticism and witchcraft.
  • They deny the deity of Christ.

Salvation to the wiccan:

  • They deny the inspiration and authority of the Bible, and therefore do not look there for any answers.
  • They deny the concept of heaven and hell. They believe that upon death a person is released to a place called "Summerland". What happens to the individual next is determined by their karma.
  • You can only help your karma by doing good and attaining more power, which is what leads them into the occult.
  • They practice incantations and rituals that are demonic and satanic to attune themselves with nature and to gain power.

Witness Focus:

  • Ask the individual questions to find out what they believe.
  • Based upon what they answer, show them the hopelessness of attempting to improve their karma. They can never be good enough.
  • Show them the practicality of the truth. (If there is a creation, there must be a creator)


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