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Monday, January 30, 2023

Sermons: God uses pain sometimes to exhibit His presence.

 Cutting it Off (The Pruning)

John 15

God uses pain in the life of Christians to teach us, train us, comfort us, and expose us in our wrong doings.
His hand exhibits his presence in our life. He uses pain sometimes to equip us. He also uses pain to refine us. 

Sermons: God is greater than our heart

1 John 3:20


What happens when God seems far from us?
God is greater than our heart! Regardless of what happens, God
is still in control and has His hand on us. God is greater than our heart!
God is still the same yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Sermons: Why should we seek God Early?

 Seeking God Early

Why should we seek God early?
4 self's:
1) past
2) present
3) ideal
4) social

What are we IN HIM? More than Conquerers.
Seek GOD Early so we have a Guide in life. He is in control in every situation.

Sermons: We have a Saviour

 Luke 2

Christmas Day: 
We Have a Saviour!

We can live because of What Jesus did! Not us but Him!!!

Sermons: Hope: What it really is!



Hope: What it really is!

1. We need to be watching for God to be working.
2. We need to be doing what God called us to do.

(Luke 12)

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Jeremy's testimony is not an eloquent or elaborate testimony but it is genuine and truthful. Jeremy is a son of a free will baptist minister. Jeremy grew up in church as a preacher's kid. Though Jeremy knew all the lingo on the Bible, he was lost and needed to be saved. Jeremy's dad was the pastor of a small country church. He had a guest speaker to preach the evening service. Jeremy felt convicted of his sins and became focused on his dirty heart. On the way home after the preaching Jeremy asked his dad and mom on how he could be saved. They showed Jeremy how to be saved and he knelt down by his bed and Jeremy received Jesus Christ by faith. He became Jeremy's personal Saviour. Amen!