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Friday, August 19, 2022

Dr. Jeremy Cox


Contact Jeremy:


Dr. Jeremy Cox is the son of Lamar and Lucy Cox. Jeremy fulfilled the roles of outreach and evangelism coordinator and technology coordinator for 29:11 Ministries. God saved Jeremy at the early age of 8. God placed a burden on Jeremy's heart to reach out to people who the Bible clearly teaches are heading to Hell. Only the light of the Gospel and Jesus Christ can open their blind eyes.


Born: 1975 | Born-Again: 1983 (saved for 41 years)
Married to Kelly Cox, R.N.: 28 years (08/1995), and
Father to one 20-year-old son, Seth Cox.

Jeremy has served as Children’s Church Pastor for 12 years. He conducted Sunday night Bible lessons by way of an exegetical interpretation of God’s Word. He has served on the advisory board of Souls Harbor Free Will Baptist Church for 12 years. He is in good standing and has the recommendation of his pastor, Aaron Dawson. He has been preaching since 2006. Jeremy loves talking to others one-on-one. He does not do very well in a crowd but finds his place when talking one-on-one.

Jeremy now serves in a much smaller capacity. He maintains the Ministry websites voluntarily as their webmaster. Jeremy loves to serve God using the gifts he has endowed him with. For all of Jeremy's educational history, check the links below.

Religious and Secular Certificates, Diplomas, and Degrees Earned and Graduated all:

  • Certificate in HTML/CSS Fundamentals from SOLO Learn issued on 10-03-2015.
  • Career diploma in Web Page Designer at Penn Foster on 08-19-2016.

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