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Sermons: what do you need?


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Monday, May 13, 2024

SHADOW RIDGE CCT - Counseling, Consulting, and Training


Counseling, Consulting, & Training


  • Individuals

  • Pre-marital preparation

  • Relationships

  • Marriage

  • Family

  • Children

  • Adolescents

  • Addiction

  • Grief

  • Emotional struggles

  • Anxiety and depression


Business is about people. Whether hiring, promoting, or dealing with the public, it's people. People are more than a resume or an interview. They also include a unique personality, temperament, and way of viewing and interacting with the world around them. It is a key component of any hiring or promotion process to know who the candidate is. Shadow Ridge, by partnering with Sampson Testing and Training, offers proven testing and interview tools to aid you in your process.


Topics include:

  • Stress Management

  • Personnel Personality Management

  • De-Escalation and Crisis De-Escalation

  • Ethical Foundations to Conduct

  • Communication Basics

  • Interpersonal Relationships

  • How Do I Lead?

  • How Do I Follow?

  • How Do I Grow?

  • Monkey Business (Task Management)

  • Gorilla Tactics (Leadership Principles)

  • Stewardship – Leadership Redefined

  • Leadership Lessons from the Chicken Coop

  • Leading to Leave Well

  • Results-Based Leadership

  • A Seat at the Table

  • Let’s Adjust the Sails

  • Mental Health Skills

  • Conflict Management Techniques

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Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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