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Friday, August 19, 2022

Cults? Engaged or Ignored?

There can be no question that cults and false religions are growing rapidly. Organizations that once were merely “on the fringe” of society are now becoming more influential and prominent. Because of this growth, the likelihood that a Christian will come in contact with an individual that is involved with a cult is quite high. What is to be our response? Are we to ignore them? Are we to attack them verbally? Are we to tell them to never come any where near us ever again? What are we to do? I believe the answer is found quite plainly in Scripture. “Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature.” Mark 16:15 God wants all to come to repentance and that includes members of cults.

Does reaching these individuals take some preparation? Of course it will. There is no need for a believer to be an expert on every belief in the world, but a familiarity with the beliefs common to your area would be a help. Some questions to consider:

* Are there any cults in your area?

* Do you know anything factual about any cults?

* If you were to converse with a cult member would you know it?

Often the best preparation for witnessing to a cultist is to know why you believe what you believe. Know the basics and Scriptures that support them. Do you believe in Creation? Why? Could you prove it by other means than Scripture? It is God’s desire to see all in a right relationship with Him and to use you and I to present them with the opportunity. Will you be ready?

Click on any of the cults in the top navibational bar under "cults" to learn more information about them! God Bless you in your efforts to preach the gospel to EVERY creature.

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