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Friday, August 19, 2022

Are Roman Catholics Christians?

Are you saved? Do you know for sure? Are you headed to heaven? You can know for sure! Click on the slide below: Are Roman Catholics Christian? Then click on the image to advance the Slide Presentation.

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Basic Beliefs:

  • It's beginning goes to when Jesus told Peter, "upon this rock will I build my church." They believe Peter was that rock and therefore the first Pope.
  • They claim that the structure of the Roman Catholic Church is based upon the early church.
  • They claim that the Bible is their final authority, but in practice it is Papal infallibility.
  • They added the Apocrypha to the Bible which is where most of their doctrine comes from.
  • They claim that the Bible should be interpreted based upon church tradition.
  • When the Pope speaks from his chair it is infallible "Scripture", regardless if it contradicts Scripture.


  • They acknowledge that Jesus is the Son of God, but their view is off.
  • To the Catholic the sacrifice of Jesus is insufficient. Salvation can only come throught the church.
  • Jesus is not their mediator, the priest is, as he is the one who forgives them of their sins.
  • They rarely if ever pray to Jesus, but to saints, other people, and Mary.
  • They repeat the death of Christ through transubstantiation, the bread and wine become the literal body and blood of Christ.


They have 7 sacraments that provide salvation:

  1. baptism
  2. confirmation
  3. penance
  4. eucharist
  5. holy orders
  6. matrimony
  7. and annointing the sick.

  • Each time they observe the Eucharist it brings a piece of salvation.
  • Salvation is available because of Christ, but can only be obtained by works.

Witness Focus:

  • Ask them how a person gets to heaven.
  • Show them that we can never be good enough on our own. It is by grace, through faith, NOT OF WORKS. (Ephesians 2:8-9)

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Jeremy's testimony is not an eloquent or elaborate testimony but it is genuine and truthful. Jeremy is a son of a free will baptist minister. Jeremy grew up in church as a preacher's kid. Though Jeremy knew all the lingo on the Bible, he was lost and needed to be saved. Jeremy's dad was the pastor of a small country church. He had a guest speaker to preach the evening service. Jeremy felt convicted of his sins and became focused on his dirty heart. On the way home after the preaching Jeremy asked his dad and mom on how he could be saved. They showed Jeremy how to be saved and he knelt down by his bed and Jeremy received Jesus Christ by faith. He became Jeremy's personal Saviour. Amen!