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Monday, August 22, 2022

Articles: Presenting the Gospel


Presenting the Gospel

It is imperative that as we prepare to present the Gospel to lost friends, family, acquaintances and co-workers, that we understand what we are presenting and the Scriptural means in which to present it. According to Scripture, there are three essential elements of salvation:

1. Repentance of sin.(Luke 13:3)

2. Belief in the person and sacrifice of Christ.(Mark 1:15)

3. Obedience to God and His commands.(1 John 5:3)


    • To adequately repent a person must understand what they are repenting from and why it is necessary to repent.

    • To believe in the person and sacrifice of Jesus Christ one must have a correct understanding of who Jesus is and what was accomplished by His sacrifice.

    • One must obey in continual and faithful reading and application of Scripture, prayer, attendance and involvement in a church, and genuine consistent service.

When we present the Gospel, whatever outline we may use, it must contain the following elements:

1. A personal realization of one’s true sinful state and the result of an unrepentant attitude.

2. A description of what Christ accomplished in His life, death and resurrection.

3. An individual’s responsibility to receive salvation.

4. An opportunity for the individual to pray and receive Christ.

No matter what outline or method you follow the leading of the Holy Spirit in using, it must be Scriptural. We cannot allow our preferences to interfere, for this is a spiritual work. We are simply preparing the way for Christ. It’s His work, and therefore we must do it His way. Pray, study, practice and prepare to get involved in the work of the Gospel. Here are a few more tips to help you in implementing what you have prepared to use.

    • Don’t skip or gloss over any element of the outline. Sin is an abomination. Christ’s salvation is complete. Surrender must be total.

    • Don’t attempt to force, persuade, or convince a person to receive Christ. Simply present them with the information and the choice.

    • Don’t pray for them, have them pray. If they aren’t sure what to say give them an illustration or an example. Have them pray it!

    • Don’t tell them they are saved, let the Holy Spirit do it. Let their assurance come from God.

    • If they don’t want to make a commitment at the time, thank them for talking to you and encourage them to think about what you have discussed.

    • If they do pray to receive Christ, convey the necessity for them to get involved in a Bible-preaching church. Make some suggestions of some in the area. Don’t get involved in “denomination bashing.”

authored by: Dr. Aaron Dawson

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