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Saturday, April 08, 2023

Sermons: Reaping the Results

Dr. Aaron Dawson, Ph.D

Genesis 28: Reaping the Results (Jacob)
God meets with Jacob and displays His Plan 
for him. 

Jacob begins a 20 year process to marry Laban's Daughter.
He tries to manipulate the situation. After this, He has 2
wives and 11 children. Jacob is running from Esau and 
runs into 2 angels. God reminds Jacob He is with him.

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Jeremy's testimony is not an eloquent or elaborate testimony but it is genuine and truthful. Jeremy is a son of a free will baptist minister. Jeremy grew up in church as a preacher's kid. Though Jeremy knew all the lingo on the Bible, he was lost and needed to be saved. Jeremy's dad was the pastor of a small country church. He had a guest speaker to preach the evening service. Jeremy felt convicted of his sins and became focused on his dirty heart. On the way home after the preaching Jeremy asked his dad and mom on how he could be saved. They showed Jeremy how to be saved and he knelt down by his bed and Jeremy received Jesus Christ by faith. He became Jeremy's personal Saviour. Amen!