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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Sermon: Do I have God's favor?

Text: Luke 18


Subject: "Do I have God's Favor?"
Example: Samson
Speaker: Dr. Aaron Dawson
Date: Sunday Morning : 08-14-2022

What is the favor of God? Can we experience it?
God's favor is giving us something that is impossible for us to do!
We need God's favor in our lives!

GOD desires of us:

- He is the creator
- God is the boss
- He is the sustainer
- He is the only source
- He is the Saviour
- He is coming again

- God wants us to be faithful
- Live according to the agenda in His Word
- Where do we seek satisfaction?
- How we love.
- Pursue God in every area
- Love God by loving others

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